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Service Capabilities

Protect your investment in screening equipment with trusted, reliable, and proactive support from our experienced industry experts.

  • Future-proof your operations with flexible, scalable services. A full menu of options tailors support to your airport’s operational hours, uptime requirements, and overall system capacity.
  • Control labour and parts costs. Take advantage of inclusive contracts on capital equipment, plus service contracts and labour specified upfront to drive reliability and predictability.
  • Resolve issues quickly or prevent them from happening in the first place. Our customer service performance platform provides automated equipment status updates and continuous improvement in service delivery, so you can address potential issues and prevent operational events.
  • Get preventive maintenance. We use service data analytics, advanced diagnostics, and built-in sensors to help proactively plan for and schedule system downtime.
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1: 2015 Customer Global Survey Data

2: These are averages only. Results may vary based on several factors such as, but limited to, type of installation, location, complexity of issue, climate etc.